About Heal Thyself Gardens

Heal Thyself Gardens grows tasty produce and powerful medicinal herbs in Lake County, California. On our 120 acres of untamed forest, we also wildcraft yerba santa, mullein, fungi and other essential botanicals. We bring you the most effective medicine possible while safeguarding the Earth’s pristine, untouched glory.

All of our medicinal salves, tinctures, raw edibles and pre-rolls are made by hand and with love right here on our farm. Find them online, at selective farmer’s markets and festivals, as well as local dispensaries to experience how beautiful our medicine tastes and feels.

The women who own and operate Heal Thyself Gardens care deeply about your health and empowerment, which is why we also provide educational tools on sustainable, natural living. After all, true healing involves the heart and head as much as the body.

Holistic Farming is Feel-Good Farming

The whole-earth approach wastes nothing and replenishes the environment. We use creative irrigation, rainwater capture, and no-till plots. The majority of our plant nutrients are homemade from farm animal manure and our own special variety of fermented teas full of microorganisms. So, you can feel good about supporting a healthy you AND a healthy Earth.

This type of farming keeps the ecosystem happy, vibrant and better able to naturally fight off pests. We never treat plants with harsh chemicals or additives. So, you can feel good about putting pure medicine into your body.

And, plants do best under pressure. That’s why we stress ours alongside competitive vegetation like stinging nettles. The result? Concentrated potency unrivalled by any other production method. So, you can just plain feel good.

We draw our holistic farming practices from permaculture, biodynamic agriculture, Jadam natural farming, and elder farmers in the field.

Dragonfly Earth Medicine iconWe are DEM Pure certified with Dragonfly Earth Medicine.

Heal Thyself is the homegrown, sister company to Love Thyself, which curates the finest superfood and naturopathic products from across the country.
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