Do It Thyself

Like all of life’s most worthwhile projects, well-being is a continual work in progress. We’ve gathered tools to help you DIY conscious living, natural self-healing and holistic farming in your day-to-day life.


On Gratitude

There is a lot of “I” in the following writing, first because gratitude is very personal and secondly because I want to share a bit of me with you so that we can take those first steps in getting to know each other. We chose to write on gratitude because it it is...


Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca

Motherwort is a herbaceous perennial in the mint family. She is known to help soothe the physical and emotional heart. She can be used to promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol, relax a rapidly beating heart, and assist in easing stress on the heart muscle.


Regenerative Living

What does this really mean? For us at Heal Thyself Gardens it is about learning how to creatively stack functions in our daily lives, on the farm, and in our businesses, and finding new and old ways to go beyond maintaining and just sustaining ourselves and the land...